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GATHER & GRAZE: Stew On It 03.13.24


Join our very own Debbie Jenks and Angel Elden around the island at GATHER on Wednesday, March 13th 2024 from 6:00pm-8:30pm for our Interactive Cooking Experience...Stew On It! Learn the one & only Julia Child’s way of making culinary classics. This interactive cooking class will take you back to the basics and inspiration that lives on through Julia's incredible recipes. Together we will make a meal that is sure to bring warmth and love to your table.

  • To begin the class, a Gather nibble board will be provided along with a prosecco welcome drink! Included beverages will be your choice of citrus water, coffee, and tea. 
  • The menu will feature the following items:
    • Beef Bourguignon
    • Coq Au Vin
    • French Baguette
    • Julia's Vinaigrette on Greens
    • Crème Brûlée
  • All attendees will be given the chance to shop in-store before and during the event. Any purchases made will receive 10% off your total.
  • Don't miss out...Save your spot by purchasing your ticket now! This experience is a ticketed event only and is limited to 14 guests maximum. 

Meet Debbie Jenks: Debbie has always had a love and passion for everything culinary and hosting. As a mother to three children, dinners looked less like chicken nuggets and more like Indonesian Pork Soup. She has turned hosting into a hobby with clever table settings and even a “Cheetos and Titos” party thrown randomly for her friends (you’ll have to her ask her about that one). The spontaneity of her cooking has left many frustrated, yearning for a past creation that she had thrown together at random never to be precisely remembered. That is the true theme of Debbie’s cooking. It’s not about recreating the same thing over and over but building upon the basics and taking risks to create something better.

Meet Angel Elden: With over 40 years of experience in the floral and entertaining industries, Angel brings her passions together in two storefronts located in Perrysburg, OH. More than a decade ago, Elden opened Angel 101, a thriving floral and gift shop located at 101 Louisiana Ave. GATHER by Angel 101 is the latest Perrysburg store which specializes in home decor, furniture and entertaining. Gather is inspired by Angel's passion of pretty things & pretty good ideas. 


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