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GATHER & GRAZE: Vegetables Unleashed 07.26.23


Join our very own Laurie Gunn & Debbie Jenks around the island at GATHER on Wednesday, July 12th from 6:00pm-8:30pm for our Interactive Cooking Experience...Garden to Table ! This interactive class is inspired by the cookbook "Vegetables Unleashed" by Jose Andres and a spotlight product line from the GATHER kitchen, Curio Spice Co. This class will teach you a tasty way to use locally grown vegetables in your everyday cooking. The simple dishes prepared will be flavorful, creative and result in a picture worthy presentation!

  • To begin the class, a Gather nibble board will be provided. Included beverages will be your choice of citrus water, coffee, and tea. 
  • The menu will feature the following items:
    • Beet Gazpacho
    • Corn Salad
    • Asparagus Cheese Galette
    • Zucchini Fritters
  • All attendees will be given the chance to shop in-store before and during the event. Any purchases made will receive 10% off your total.
  • Don't miss out...Save your spot by purchasing your ticket now! This experience is a ticketed event only and is limited to 12 guests maximum. Tickets are $85 per guest and must be purchased online only by Monday, July 24th 2023 at 11:59PM. Confirmation email required for entry.

Meet Laurie Gunn: Laurie Gunn became interested in growing vegetables and herbs as a child. Her parents did not have a garden so she would always wander to her neighbors gardens where she would find joy in all she learned. Before the age of 10 she took it upon herself to dig up the backyard and start her own garden. Her need for creativity combined with her love for gardening has lead to her passion for cooking. It has always warmed her heart cooking with her three sons. They are all now impressive cooks in their own kitchens. Her husband Jeff... well he has dish pan hands.

Meet Jenni O'Neil: Jenni began her love of cooking and baking as a young girl.  Always wanting to make  cookies and other baked goods for others.  Packaging them with pretty bows and ribbons made them all the more special.  Seeing people smile when they received a home made treat was simply the best reward for the efforts put in.  Having a home cooked meal every school night at 5:30pm sharp instilled the importance on what a family meal really provides.  Togetherness and communication.  Jenni has always believed that the greatest gift one could give was to open your home to those you care about  and “break bread”. Starting in college at hee first apartment, entertaining with cocktail and dinner parties, Bar B Ques and  food themed meals became the monthly norm.  At the time of COVID, Jenni developed  “Love, Jenni: Food from my heart made for you.”  Cooking for two was hard so she would pack up extras and bring to her neighbors that were by themselves and feeling lonely.  From this experience she realized a small heartfelt business could be born.  She enjoys trying new recipes with seasonal foods from local providers, and sharing the experience through teaching others about foods and how to prepare them.  Most importantly Jenni loves the way food brings people together.


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